Paramount Ranch

Paramount Ranch Road (off Cornell Road),
Agoura Hills, CA. / (818) 597-9192

You can sometimes watch location shooting at Paramount Ranch. It was owned by Paramount Studios, but is now a public park, still used as location for filming. Admission is free.

The popular TV series, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (starring Jane Seymour) was filmed by CBS at the ranch. Unfortunately Dr. Quinn's cabin was torn down after the show was canceled, along with the church, schoolhouse, blacksmith's forge and the Chateau Springs Hotel sets. Dr. Quinn's clinic is still there, and so is the barbershop, the bank and the train depot, as well as other buildings which preceded Dr. Quinn, such as the mercantile, newspaper office, the saloon, sheriff's office, etc.

For directions and more information about the ranch, see the separate webpage about the history of the Paramount Ranch.

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