Hollywood Dell

Location: Hollywood Hills east of the Cahuenga Pass, from Franklin Avenue north to the Hollywood Reservoir. If you want to walk through this beautiful neighborhood and get up in the Hollywood Hills, you can get there by going north on Cahuenga from Hollywood Blvd, make a right onto Franklin Avenue and left onto Ivar Avenue.It's only a 10 minute walk before you reach one of the tunnels that brings you into the hills. Once you start walking up you get some nice views of the hills and the city of Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe, Mary Astor, Charlie Chaplin, Roy Rogers, The Rolling Stones, Minnie Driver, Marilyn Manson, Davy Jones, Goldie Hawn, Lindsay Lohan and Eva Longoria all lived or still live in the Hollywood Dell.

Lindsay Lohans house where she was burglarized by the famous Bling Ring in 2009

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