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Mac and PC computer repair and leading data recovery services in Santa Monica are available through West LA Computer Services. We provide our customers with five core services (Santa Monica’s top Mac and PC computer repair, data recovery services, networking, virus removal and computer upgrades) that cover the areas they most require expert assistance in.
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Data Recovery Services for Santa Monica

West LA Computer Services provides Santa Monica with exceptional data recovery services. Using cutting-edge tools, advanced forensic machines and the skills and experience of our technicians, WLACS is able to retrieve important information in the majority of the cases where competing computer repair shops often tell you it is impossible. We understand that you need your files and documents back and we won’t give up on recovering them until every possible retrieval option has been utilized.

Mac and PC Computer Repair for Santa Monica

Our Mac and PC computer repair leads Santa Monica. West LA Computer Services gives our customers the only resource they need for quickly and easily addressing any problem that’s affecting their machine. We specialize in both Mac and PC operating systems and are knowledgeable about the hardware that goes into laptops and desktop computers. WLACS gives you quick turnaround on your Mac and PC computer repair in Santa Monica too. Drop by for same day or onsite repair that gets your machine back to you as quickly as possible.

Virus Removal for Santa Monica

There are always new viruses affecting our client’s computers so West LA Computer Services stays up to date by constantly monitoring the web and archiving these threats. We maintain vigilance so that we’re able to effectively remove every trace of any virus, worm, Trojan horse or spyware from your computer. Knowledge of these threats lets us easily target the problems affecting your machine before we get to work at eliminating them entirely.

Networking for Santa Monica

West LA Computer Services is experienced in providing corporate or private clients with outstanding networking solutions. Our technicians can survey your home or office to determine the most effective network infrastructure for your requirements. We’re then able to install a wired or wireless network that brings you fast and reliable performance. WLACS is also available for maintenance, troubleshooting and network consultation.

Computer Upgrades for Santa Monica

Instead of spending more money on a brand new computer, bring your old machine in to West LA Computer Services and let us upgrade it to perform well in the areas you desire. We’re able to boost your computer’s performance in order to let you play the latest videogames, have more room for storage or properly stream and download multimedia files. Visit us and have WLACS install larger hard drives, better graphics or sounds cards and much more.

Discover the difference that Santa Monica’s leading Mac and PC computer repair resource makes. We guarantee a great service that gives you exceptional results, outstanding customer service and the enjoyment of a reliable and smooth computing experience.

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Data recovery services Playa Vista and MAC & PC Computer repair in Playa Vista are the specialty of West LA Computer Services.
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