A stroll down Hollywood Blvd

The 101 Hollywood Freeway takes you to Hollywood. To go to Hollywood and Highland you exit on Highland Avenue, which will take you straight to H&H.....the very heart of Hollywood.

Chinese Theater

Right outside the Chinese Theater is where all the famous foot and hand prints are forever placed in cement.

El Capitan is located right across the street from Chinese Theater. If you are taking your kids to see the latest Disney movie this is the place to go. They have characters and items from the current movie on display and they have an interactive photo op.

Walk Of Fame stretches from LA Brea Avenue to Gower street and makes up the main strip of Hollywood Blvd.

When a star dies, Hollywood chamber of commerce honors the star by placing a beautiful flower stand on his or her Star. This one was in honor of John Forsyth

When Michael Jackson died people immediately gathered around his star, and very quickly the crowd and the flowers, letters, pictures and candles grew. The city had to set up a fence around the star and hour long lines were created for fans that came from all over the world to pay their respect and grieve by his star.

Roosevelt Hotel 's Cinegrill changed their display June 25 2009, and for several days, in honor of Michael

June 25, 2010 one year after Michael Jacksons death, people still traveled from all over the world to place flowers and letters on his star.

Walking down the Blvd still around the Chinese Theater area, you will find all kinds of famous characters ready to interact with you or your kids, and pose with you for a picture. These are people trying to make a living so if you want them to pose with you or interact with your kids, you have to donate a few bocks to each character.

Walk a few blocks down and you are on Las Palmas Avenue. This is where you find Las Palmas Hotel from the movie "Pretty Woman" and also Hollywood Bazaar Food Market where Will Smith filmed a scene from Hancock

At Las Palmas Hotel you find the worlds most famous fire escape/balcony. This is where they filmed the romantic rescue scene where Richard Gere rolls up in a limo and climbs up to get Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Right next to Hollywood Bazaar is a tribute to Classic Hollywood in form of Cafe Audrey... in my opinion the best sidewalk Cafe in Hollywood, beautifully decorated in Audrey Hepburn style and with the most elegant public restroom on Hollywood Blvd..you have to see this restroom! (public...but only for customers) And I do not know the owners or anyone that works there:) I just love the place. They serve gourmet coffee and a selection of sweet and savory delicacies, and they have free wireless and music events.

More to come.......

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