Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Like New York is so well known for its different neighborhoods, Los Angeles also has its own burrows and personalities as well. The population of the city has grown to almost 4 million people that has created 88 unique neighborhoods. This has allowed for a very culturally diverse thriving population that has formed the city as it is today. 88 neighborhoods is a lot to cover though so we are going focus on some of the main and most famous areas in the City of Angels.

  • The Downtown area is mainly made up of commercial and government building. This leaves little room for much of a nightlife, but during the day it is a bustle of commerce and activity. Downtown is easily maneuvered by the city’s public transportation and metro system. There is also a large art following in this area including the infamous Downtown Art Walk.
  • Hollywood is the natural tourist destination where visitors come to stroll Hollywood Boulevard and to look up at the famous Hollywood sign sitting in the hills. It is a very diverse area between the expensive homes on the hills and the small pockets of lower class areas. There has been an investment though to help bring the area back up to its former glory.
  • West Hollywood has turned into its own town entirely and is considered the place for LA’s LGBT community. Positioned alongside Beverly Hills this area is also known for its population of upper class, but never the less is still largely rent controlled. Hence creating the City of West Hollywood to keep the rent prices down for its residents in 1984.
  • Beverly Hills has a reputation for being the home for the rich and famous, and lives up to those expectations. There is definitely a luxurious lifestyle that needs to be upheld when living in the area. The television show 90210 is probably the most well known reference to the area in popular culture. 
  • Brentwood is the upper class family area with an exceptional school system. Made up mostly of single-family homes this is the place to settle down.
  • Silver Lake is the young trendy district, known for high population of “hipsters”. There is a wide price range of housing from the very expensive to incredibly affordable depending on the area.
  • Santa Monica is also a hotspot for the famous set, and has also become a prevalent tourist destination. The local pier boasts its famous carousel the Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome along with several other attractions.
  • Venice, like Santa Monica, is located very close to the beach. Being close though comes with a similar price tag making it a pricey place to settle down. It is a lively atmosphere with an active boardwalk full of things to do and an almost carnival like atmosphere. Whether you are a current resident or just moving to the area you can tell that your city is a diverse amazing city to be apart of!

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